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PRS Global Open Keynotes

Dec 28, 2021

In this episode of the PRS Global Open Keynotes Podcast, Conrad Harrison MRCS and Jeremy Rodrigues PhD discuss the importance of the Cleft-Q scale in plastic surgery.

This episode discusses the following PRS Global Open article: “Deeper Understanding of Appearance in Orofacial Clefts: A Structural Equation Model of the CLEFT-Q Appearance Scales by Conrad J. Harrison MRCS, Chris J. Sidey-Gibbons PhD, Anne F. Klassen DPhil, Karen W. Y. Wong Riff PhD, Dominic Furniss MD, Marc C. Swan DPhil and Jeremy N. Rodrigues PhD.

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Dr. Harrison is a specialist registar in plastic surgery at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Rodrigues is a consultant plastic surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Center in Aylesbury, United Kingdom.

Your host, Dr. Damian Marucci, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Sydney in Australia.

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