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PRS Global Open Keynotes

Nov 30, 2021

In this episode of the PRS Global Open Keynotes Podcast, Indri Aulia, MD and Rita Mustika, MD, PhD discuss the impact of women in plastic surgery residency and the overall increase of female surgeons in the field.

This episode discusses the following PRS Global Open article:

Impact of Women’s Domination in Plastic Surgery Residency Program in Indonesia” by Indri Aulia
, Rita Mustika, and Sri L. Menaldi.

Read it for free on

Dr. Aulia is a reconstructive plastic surgeon at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

Dr. Mustika is a Chief of the Medical Education Department at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta.

This “PRS Global Open Keynotes Podcast Resident Ambassador Special Edition” is hosted by the 2021 PRS Global Open Resident Ambassadors: Dr. Macarena Vizcay from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dr. Íris Brito from Coimbra, Portugal; and Dr. Murilo Secanho from São Paulo, Brazil.

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