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PRS Global Open Keynotes

Aug 24, 2021

In this episode of the PRS Global Open Keynotes Podcast, Dr. Alexandra Bucknor and Dr. Heather Furnas discuss implicit bias within the field of plastic surgery using a gender-specific Implicit Association Test (IAT), specifically looking at gender and career stereotypes.

This episode discusses the following PRS Global Open article:

Testing for Implicit Gender Bias among Plastic Surgeons” by Alexandra Bucknor, Ledibabari M. Ngaage, Kirsten J. Taylor, Parisa Kamali, Hinne A. Rakhorst, Irene M. J. Mathijssen and Heather Furnas.

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Dr. Bucknor is a Plastic Surgery Registrar at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, United Kingdom.

Dr. Furnas is a board-certified plastic surgeon, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery, the Plastic Surgery Focus Section Editor of “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” and an Associate Editor on the Editorial Board of “PRS Global Open.”

Your host, Dr. Damian Marucci, is a board-certified plastic surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Sydney in Australia.

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